Use a USB Thumb Drive to Lock and Unlock Your PC

Lock and Unlock a Computer / PC with a USB thumb driveLocking your computer and entering your (sometimes long) password everytime you come back to it can become a great inconvenience. What if you could just use a “key” to lock and unlock your computer?

That just sounds impossible right? Wrong! There is now a software called Predator that basically turns your USB thumb drive into a key. This gives you an easy security tool to keep people out whether you’re at work, a coffee shop, or just wanting to keep prying eyes from your PC at home.

When you unplug it, your computer will automatically lock itself up and even play an alarm if an intruder enters the wrong password when they try to unlock it. When you plug it back in, your computer will go back to exactly the way you left it, no password typing necessary. If you do happen to lose your USB flash drive, you can still type your normal password to get access. Not only does that bring significant “cool” factor to the program, but depending on the length and complexity of your password, it could actually be faster than typing it in. You just plug it in and go.

Predator is a free download for Windows only.