Apps That Give Back For A Cause

Charity Miles AppMost of us think that in order to help others in need, we have to give our money or time. Not only that but where should we donate to? Fortunately, some apps make it easy to feed the hungry, raise money for charity, and participate in random acts of kindness. You may already be helping others without realizing it. Take a look at some of these apps below.

Charity Miles

Usually you have to sign up for charity walks and runs to participate in raising money for charities. If you are a walker, runner, or biker you can earn money for your favorite nonprofit with the Charity Miles app while you train. All you have to do is choose which nonprofit you wish to support and the app will donate 10 cents for every mile you bike and 25 cents for every mile you run. Charity Miles will continue to donate until it exceeds the $1 million provided by corporate sponsors. Dozens of reputable organizations such as Stand Up To Cancer and Special Olypics participate. This is a free app available on iOS and Android.


For those food bloggers out there or those that are just food fanatics, now there’s a better reason to share those food photos. Whenever you take a photo of your food using Feedie and post it on social media, participating restaurants donate to The Lunchbox Fund. This organization provides lunches to schoolchildren in South Africa. Through photos and donations, Feedie claims to have provided over 12 million meals.This app is available on iOS for free.

Donate A Photo

Photo sharing has become such a widespread act in society today, why not use it to contribute to those in need? Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a charity of your choice for every photo you share through the Donate A Photo app. You can donate one photo daily to earn money for Operation Smile, Save the Children, and other organizations. You even get notified when your cause reaches their goals and you can track all the causes you’ve helped. Once a cause reaches its financial goal or its donation period ends, it is replaced with an additional charity. So far more than 127,000 photos have been donated. Don’t worry, your photos will never be used for commercial purposes. The Donate A Photo is available for iOS for free.

I Can Go Without

The I Can Go Without app operates on the principle that conscious consumers can provide help to good causes. For instance, the price of one latte can provide one person with clean, safe, accessible water. Users can pledge to reduce daily consumptions and give that money to people in need. Once pledges are met, they are converted into donations through the app’s secure donation center. This is a simple app but has been very an effective fundraising tool for charity partners such as Thirst Relief International, ONEXONE and Sightsavers. I Can Go Without is free for iOS.