FF Scoreboard Android App for Fleaflicker Now Available

FF Scoreboard Android App Screenshots

Developing FF Scoreboard

After years of using FleaFlicker for my NFL Fantasy Football with the easy web interface via the web, I’m tired of there not being a great app for it on Android devices. I use the iPhone app and it does the job but still no iPad app either.

In an attempt to get one out there, I finally decided to try creating my first Android app. Today it is officially available on Google Play and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with fellow Flea Flicker fans.

This is an unofficial app for FleaFlicker currently supporting the NFL Fantasy only. You should consider it still in beta as there will be more development coming. As long as it does well and is accepted by users, I’ll work on bringing in the other Fantasy Sports.

About FF Scoreboard

I tried to keep the layout very simple and easy with the most important information available. You must have Android 2.2 Froyo or above and it works on phones and tablets.

What you can do:

View all of your NFL Fantasy Teams

Quickly see your current score for the week as well as your opponent’s

View game times, player stats, player scores, bye weeks, player position & team

View the same for your opponent

Refresh for current scores and stats

What you can’t do:

Cut/Bench Players

Change roster


Draft Free Agents

View Standiings

View other teams in the league scores

View schedule

Future Enhancements:

Add tab for standings

Add tab for scores in the league

View schedule

*Hopefully implement changing roster and then cutting/adding players