DIY Tripod Mount For iPhone And iPod Touch On The Cheap

Do It Yourself iPhone Tripod Mount

Cameras and camcorders keep getting better everyday. But I started to realize that for most of what I want to do, I can simply use my iPhone or iPod Touch to take pictures or video. They take HD video just fine. The only draw back I find is that they do not have optical zoom, which most of the time is not terrible because I don’t need to zoom. Another thing is convenience, we all seem to carry our iPhones with us everywhere and it is always charged.

So one day I decided I’ll just sell my camcorder and use the iPhone to record videos, but how do I get it to stand on the tripod? Most decent mounts I found were relatively expensive and others just seemed to be made cheap. If I was going to go with cheap, I’ll just make it myself.

As it turns out it was easier than I thought. I had a few extra spring clamps I hadn’t used yet so I just needed to figure out a way to get that to mount on the tripod.

What You’ll Need: (found at your local hardware store)

  • 2″ Spring Clamp
  • 14″ coupling nut
  • 14″ x 1 12″ bolt
  • Phillips screwdriver

Creating Your iPhone Tripod Mount:

  1. Remove the screw and nut from the center of the spring clamp
  2. Insert new bolt through center of clamp
  3. Attach coupling nut to other side
  4. Now screw onto tripod!