Digital Tweaker’s Author Box Plugin For WordPress

DT Author Box WordPress Plugin

The DT Author Box plugin is an easy plug and play add on for any WordPress blog/site owner which supports single or multiple author sites. It adds an author box or signature to the end of all posts or articles with minimal setup required. The author box can consist of a profile thumbnail image, a short bio, and a link the the author’s Twitter and website but you do not have to include all of these. Until further features are added to Digital Tweaker’s Author Box, the only area to make changes for the author signature will be found in the user profile section.

View an example and download at the end of this page

Manual Installation

  • Download the zip file provided below to an easy to find location on your computer
  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard as an admin or user with rights to install plugins
  • Click on Plugins and select “Add New”
  • Select “Upload”
  • Click “Choose File” and browse to the location you saved the zip file and select it
  • Hit “Install Now”
  • Click “Activate Now”
  • Make sure you have information in the bio of the author’s profile
  • You should now see an Author Box already showing under your articles or posts on the site



All users can log into the WordPress Dashboard and select Users->Your Profile

Author Name – Make sure the “Display name publicly as” dropdown is set to whatever you want the author name to show as in the author box

Author Website – Provide a website url under “Website” if you wish for a link to display for users to click on to go to the author’s website

Author Bio – Fill out the “Biographical Info” section with a short description of whatever you wish to share with readers under your author signature box

Twitter – At the bottom under Digital Tweaker’s Author Box you will find a “Twitter” field where you can provide only your Twitter Username which will add a link to your Twitter page under your author signature box

Profile Image – You will also find a “Profile Image” field where you can provide a direct link to an image or select “Upload Image” to upload one (note that square images work best, otherwise cropping, stretching or squishing will occur)

To upload an image, select “Upload Image” and either drag your image onto the screen or click “Select Files” and select your image

You can now name your image under “Title” if you wish (this isn’t important)

For best results, select Thumbnail (150 x 150) under “Size”

Click “Insert into Post”

Hit “Update Profile”



  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard as an admin or user with rights to install plugins
  • Click on Plugins
  • Find DT Author Box and select “Deactivate”
  • Find DT Author Box and click “Delete”
  • Select “Yes, Delete these files and date” (note that all files and data related specifically to Digital Tweaker’s Author Box will be deleted)


**Important Information

All documentation, FAQs, comments, bug reporting,and new features will be provided on this page. The readme file and admin area for the plugin and all published areas will link directly to this page for an easy central knowledge base.

  • Must have role of Administrator, Editor, or Author to upload profile image.
  • Contributors can add their own Twitter Username but cannot add profile Image (Administrator can)
  • Administrators can make changes to user’s Twitter username and profile Image.
  • You can deactivate DT Author Box without losing information, but if you delete the plugin you will lose any saved data for the plugin.

Obviously, this plugin hasn’t been tested for every WordPress Theme available. With that said please let us know if you come across any issues.

Written by Digital Tweaker

Digital Tweaker Author Signature Box

This is an example of what the DT Author Box plugin would look like added to the bottom of a post. Digital Tweaker’s Author Box supports multiple author blogs.

Author’s Website