Fix for Timthumb.php Not Displaying Thumbnails On WordPress Page

After migrating a WordPress site over to a new hosting account, I came across an issue with thumbnails not displaying on the homepage. After researching everywhere, I finally found a solution.

If you get a 404 page or 500 internal server error trying to directly access the timthumb.php script in your browser, try the following:

This solution worked with HostGator hosting so it may or may  not work with other hosting providers. It seems there is a security issue with given permissions to folders and files to allow the timthumb.php script to run.

  1. set the permissions of the following directories using chmod to 755
    • wp-content
    • wp-content/themes
    • wp-content/themes/(theme folder)In my case Mimbo
    • wp-content/themes/mimbo/scripts
    • wp-content/themes/mimbo/scripts/cache
  2. set the permissions of the following files using chmod to 644
  • wp-content/themes/mimbo/scripts/timthumb.php
  • *all images that will be resized by timthumb.php (for example: all of my images were in wp-content/uploads/