Cygnett Vintage Tailored Folio Case Review For iPad Air

The iPad Air has so many options when it comes to cases for protecting your investment. Cygnett is no stranger when it comes to phone and tablet accessories. Today we’ll take a look at their Vintage Tailored folio case for the iPad Air.


At first glance, this folio case is simple and sleek with its contrasting dark black and light brown leather look. It just seems professional looking for those who carry their iPad Air for work. The looks isn’t the only thing that makes this Cygnett case stand out, as it feels like leather and is made of quality material and workmanship. The Vintage Tailored Folio Case holds the iPad Air by sliding the tablet into the side from the fold instead of snapping into a plastic mold. Once you slide it in, you can velcro that side so it won’t slip out. Don’t worry though, it has all of the cutouts for the speaker, charging port, buttons, cameras, headphone jack, and the both microphones.

Not only can the Cygnett Vintage Folio case hold your iPad Air, it also has pockets on the interior cover. These are perfect for carrying your ID, drivers license, note paper, or credit cards.

The Vintage Tailored Folio case has a built in stand feature that allows you to position the iPad Air in 2 different positions. Simply flip the cover around the back of the case and lodge into the backside of the closure strap. One position allows it to stand in landscape mode with a slight angle perfect for watching movies, etc. To change the stand position, you simply lay the stand down and turn the iPad around which is perfect for a comfortable typing position or browsing the web.


This Cygnett vintage folio case not only looks good, but offers real protection for your iPad Air all around. And it does this without adding extreme bulk, keeping the slim profile the iPad Air was meant to have. The inside of the case has a soft microfiber lining to ensure nothing semi abrasive contacts your tablet screen. Just be sure not to put anything to bulky in the inner pockets as they could touch and harm your screen depending how you store it. The magnetic closure ensures the case remains closed when not in use. Unfortunately, there is not a magnetic wake/sleep feature along with this.


For the professional look and overall protection from the Cygnett Vintage Tailored Folo case, I have to say it is worth what it retails at $59.99. I wasn’t a fan of the way the built in stand worked at first, but it is slowly growing on me.