Now You Can Play Games on Google+ Just Like Facebook

Google+ has added a new “Games” button at the top of the screen next to the “Circles” button. It takes you to a dashboard with all of the available games on the platform. Of course these games wouldn’t be social without being able to share your accomplishments and inviting others to join which is also the case.

Unlike Facebook, Google Plus is making sure that users can easily ignore the shared game info because the only place this shows is in the “Games” tab. This creates less clutter and less irritations by those following you!

To get started with its game center,  Google+ has partnered with Zynga to start populating it with an initial set of games. As of now, Google’s plan seems to be not to open the gaming platform to everyone but to a select few to keep high quality games in the mix. See below for the current game lineup.

Google+ Games