AT&T Likely To Raise Prices For Users In 2012

AT&T 4G LTE Expansion May Mean Higher Cost To Users

AT&T just added their 4G LTE network to 11 areas over the holidays including New York, San Francisco, San Jose,Austin, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orlando, Phoenix, Raleigh and San Diego but this will likely put a strain the network. As a result, AT&T Business Solutions chief John Stankey warns that if the situation with spectrum overload remains unchanged, pricing will increase.

AT&T’s attempt to alleviate spectrum loads with the T-Mobile acquisition failed so they must look at other options. One will be from its Qualcomm purchase and now a possible scaled back joint venture with T-Mobile and Dish Network.

One major account for data traffic comes from customers streaming video which is 30 percent of mobile data traffic.

On a side note, AT&T expanding the 4G LTE will help them catch up with Verizon whom is the number one network and covers 200 million epode on their high-speed network.