Motorola Xoom VS Archos 101 Internet Tablet

There are many tablets on the market today but which ones are actually worth looking at? Currently there are 2 that spark interest in the Android community, one being the Motorola Xoom and the other being the Archos 101 Internet Tablet. While Both of these tablets run the android OS there are a few differences.

**1. Price Point

** The Archos 101 wins in this category due to the fact that its starting price is only $299 making it one of if not the most inexpensive tablet on the market.  The Motorola Xoom starts at $600 for the wi-fi only version.

**2. Storage Space

** The Motorola Xoom wins here due to its large 32gb on board storage where the Archos only comes with 8gb or 16gb onboard.

**3. Overall Speed

** While the Xoom has a much faster processor and a bit more memory it tends to be much slower than it should be since its running Honeycomb.  The Archos with the slower processor keeps up since its running the more stable Froyo OS.  This category is a tie.

**4. Physical Attributes

** The Xoom has a weight of 708 grams for the wifi only version and 730 grams for the 3G version with a height of 249mm, width of 167.8mm and a thickness of 12.9mm.  The Archos 101 has a weight of 480 grams which is almost half that of the Xoom and a height of 270mm width of 150mm and thickness of just 12mm.  This makes the Archos a much lighter & slightly thinner tablet.  Although this ultimately is a preference as the Xoom has more of a standard look and the Archos is Widescreen making this a tie since its only preference.

Ultimately the decision would be the Archos for those of you interested in price although if you want 3G access you won’t get this with the Archos and will have to go with the Xoom.