Sprint’s Customer Support Now For Jailbroken iPhones

Sprint Jailbroken Device Support Available

Another positive for Sprint for now supporting jailbroken iPhones through their new customer support policy. Sprint sent out a new policy for their customer support for handling jailbroken iPhones that can still allow warranty service to be active even when hacked. Most carriers will tell you that your jailbroken device is not supported anymore and that your warranty is gone but now Sprint has taken action to be different and improve their customer support.

The new policy says that the rep should make sure that the user is aware of the risks involved in jailbreaking their devices such as irreparable damages, innoperablity of the device and data customization loss that can be incurred. This being said they will still open a ticket documenting the issues and try to resolve the issues. In some cases if the issue cannot be fixed they are now authorized to actually exchange the device.

Sprints Policy for Handling Jailbroken iPhones:

  • Educate the user on the risks involved in rooting their device
    • rooting can cause irreparable damage to the device
    • rooting can result in an inoperable device
    • rooting may result in all customer data and customizations being lost
  • Open an eTicket and document the specific issues with the device. Also note that the device is suspected of being rooted.
  • Attempt to resolve the issue by reloading the device software
  • If the issue cannot be resolved, exchange the device per standard Advanced Exchange procedures. NOTE: Refer to AE Transactions M&P for more information.

While Sprint may or may not replace your iPhone if damage is caused by jailbreaking it they are making an attempt to help even those that hack and mod. Sprint has proven to be loyal to its customers and this could cause an increase in iPhone sales for Sprint along with building a better relationship between Sprint and their customers.