Restore Your iPhone Without Losing Your Homescreen Organization

I’m sure many of you share the frustration of losing your homescreen’s organization after restoring your iPhone or other iDevice. Even if you only have a few of apps, it is still a pain.

Everything on your iPhone gets wiped clean while restoring it and before your information is put back on the device. And your homescreen organization is lost! When actually your homescreen settings with folders and everything are backed up but the third-party apps are no longer on your phone. You can perform a second restore that doesn’t wipe your phone after your initial restore and sync are finished to get these back on your phone.

Here’s how:

  1. After you have restored your iPhone initially, connect your device to iTunes
  2. Re-sync everything back to the device
  3. Now right click on your device in the side bar and choose “Restore from Backup”
  4. Choose the same backup you chose when you restored your iPhone earlier.
  5. Let the syncing process finish and you’re done!

Wish I had known about this before.Very handy.