Easy Gladroot 4.2 GUI to Root and Unroot Motorola Atrix

About Gladroot 4.2 GUI

There have been many articles posted on how to root your Motorola Atrix phone on 4.1.57 and 4.1.83 including our tutorial using Gladroot. seems to have created an program which makes everything a click away with explanations and buttons to root both versions. Using Gladroot is not a new concept, but you must be tech savvy.


How to Use the Gladroot GUI Program

  1. Download the program
  2. Unzip directly under your C drive
  3. Connect your phone to your pc and wait until it is recognized
  4. Double click Gladroot.exe
  5. Click “Before Update to 4.1.57”
  6. Run the update on your phone to 4.1.57
  7. Click “After Update to 4.1.57”
  8. You are now updated with root priveleges
  • If you are upgrading to 4.1.83, run your update on the phone, then open the Gladroot GUI, and click “After Update to 4.1.83”

>Download Gladroot 4.2 OneClick