Facebook Messenger Desktop Application For Windows

You always knew you would spend more time using Facebook if you didn’t have to leave a browser window open and now you can as Facebook officially launched its Messenger desktop client for Windows. The application lets you chat, receive notifications, and read your news feed from your desktop. Well there goes my day!

Offsite Facebook chat has increased especially with Microsoft’s Messenger Live site letting users Facebook Chat and read updates which is Facebook’s most popular app. But since the Messenger Live site also lets users check their Hotmail, Skydrive, or other Microsoft features, Facebook Messenger for Windows can keep users focused on Facebook features instead of being distracted easily.

Facebook Messenger can be downloaded here for Windows 7 and Facebook says “For those of you on Macs, we’re busy working on Messenger for Mac right now. Stay tuned.”

With the Facebook Messenger client for Windows and the upcoming Mac client, Facebook will surely pass it’s own record of keeping users on site an average of 7+ hours.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows Client