Download Dropbox Beta 1.3.14 To Get 5GB Of Free Space

Get 5GB Of Free Storage For Your Dropbox

Download Dropbox Beta 1.3.14 For Extra StorageI’m sure I don’t have to tell you what Dropbox is as most of you probably already use it.

You start out with 2GB of free Dropbox space and of course you can purchase additional space. Referring friends and coworkers only increases your space by 250mb increments. What if you could jump up an additional 5GB easily?

If you download and install Dropbox’s beta program, you can easily get up to 5GB of free storage. With the beta, photos and videos are automatically uploaded and every time you hit 500MB, you’ll get another 500MB up to 5GB total.

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Download Dropbox Beta 1.3.14