Auto Mouse Clicker Works While You Work

Automate your mouse clicking

[]1We all come across that tedious task of single clicking or double clicking in the same spot for whatever reason whether it be a program or game you are using.

Mofiki’s AutoClicker Premium Edition will do this work for you. All you have to do is tweak a few settings. Keep in mind that at this time you can only set one location for it to click and not multiple. With over 60,000 downloads just on, there is something to be said about this little program.

How to use the automatic mouse clicker:

  1. Choose to single or double click
  2. Enter number of clicks to complete or 0 for infinite
  3. Enter number of seconds before you want to start clicking
  4. If you want to start clicking where you have your mouse when you start it, select that checkbox. If not, select find coordinates then hover where you want the auto clicker to click and press spacebar. (Note: this allows the auto clicker to click in the background allowing you to continue whatever you are doing on the computer)
  5. Enter hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds between clicks
  6. Then click Start!

If for some reason you want to pause the clicker in the middle of the process, just press the pause button on the keyboard and again to resume.

Mofiki’s Auto Clicker saves these settings in a config file for the next time that you open it as well.

Don’t be alarmed if your antivirus program detects this as malware or virus. This program was written to take control of your mouse and uses upx compression which is often detected as a false positive by many antivirus programs. would not have kept it hosted this long had it contained a real virus.

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