New Mac Trojan SabPub Worse Than Any

We’ve all heard of the “Flashback” trojan that infected more than 650,000 Mac computers, but now there’s another threat for Mac users.

Kaspersky Lab has said a Trojan called SabPub (or Backdoor.OSX.SabPub.a) is spreading by Java and infects computers when email messages with unknown links direct users  to malware.

The Flashback Trojan is a downloader and clickjacking bot, meaning it hijacks people’s search engine results within their browser. SabPub is a backdoor Trojan which opens full access to the user’s system for attackers. With that said, SabPub has potential to reach more Macs than the Flashback Trojan.

SabPub uses the Java exploit to spread infection more effectively because it is delivered via a drive by download, occurring when people click URLs with malware in an email.

Kaspersky Lap stated that even before 2012 around 300 variants of Mac malware had been detected. Many Mac users think they are exempt from viruses and trojans, however with more people jumping the Apple bandwagon expect to see more of these.