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Embed Youtube Channel Into Any Website or Blog

There may be times that you would like to include your Youtube channel directly within your website or blog. Doing so keep users on your page without leaving. So, how do you embed a Youtube channel into a webpage? Very easily as long as you have access to the html code or content management system.

  1. Download the html file or open the page you want to edit within the CMS(Joomla, WordPress, Blogger, etc).
  2. Copy the snippet of code below and paste where you want the Youtube channel embedded and replace “YourChannelName” with your own Youtube Channel Name.
  3. Save and upload the html file or just save/publish from the CMS.

Code Snippet To Embed YouTube Channel

{code type=html}{/code}

DigitalTweaker’s YouTube Channel Embedded Sample


  1. This would be awesome if it allowed you to cycle through all of the videos. Instead, it’s only letting me go through eight videos. Any way to modify this to include more?

  2. I get a question mark in a blue box where a picture of the video should be… just left of the subscribe button. Everything else is fine. How do I fix this.

  3. Since yesterday, something must have changed at Google / Youtube because the code is completely dead.

    Anyone have any clues how t repair?

  4. thanks for producing this piece of code – just what I was looking for! 🙂

    Just a quick note, the avatar is broken and doesn’t seem to call from YouTube when I embed. Any chance of a fix please? 🙂

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