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World Of Warcraft Game For The iPhone

World of Warcraft for iPhone

The popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft may be headed to the iPhone. According to gaming blog Eurogamer, Blizzard Entertainment is determined to port the game over to the iPhone.

Even though they want to bring WoW to mobile devices, it is challenging.

We won’t do it until we think it’s decent. But it’s interesting and the world is evolving towards that little handheld device – I’d have fun on it, that’s absolutely the case. It would be foolish for any game developer to not be looking at that and we’re not – we don’t think– we’re foolish!

Their desire to have quality before launching a product is admirable. I mean, taking a full game like World of Warcraft and porting it to a smaller device is like a puzzle. Which features do you omit and how do you make it easily playable?

The game is yet to be ported to the iPhone and other mobile devices, but Blizzard does have a Wow app that allows you to check auctions, look up PvP gear, create talent specs, and access armory. The app is called World of Warcraft Mobile Armory and available on mobile devices and the web.



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