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Root Motorola Atrix 4.5.141 On Gingerbread 2.3.6

Motorola released update 4.5.141 for the Atrix 4G phone recently fixing a few bugs. For those who have updated to this firmware and lost their root, you can use the same instructions from my 4.5.91 rooting process which are below. You will find the files needed and the steps to root your Motorola Atrix on Gingerbread 2.3.6.

How to root the Motorola Atrix with 4.5.141 Gingerbread 2.3.6

  1. Download the files
  2. Connect your phone to your computer
  3. Switch to fastboot mode by turning off your phone, and turning it back while holding down the Volume Down button until you see Fastboot on the screen. Press volume up button and you should see “Starting Fastboot protocol support”. Note: your computer might install new drivers
  4. Unzip the 5 files to your C:\ Drive under a new folder named “root”
  5. Open a command prompt on your computer (Windows logo key + R, type cmd) and go to that directory (should be c:\root) by typing cd c:\root and press enter
  6. Type the following commands one by one:
    • Type moto-fastboot.exe flash preinstall preinstall.img and press enter
    • Type moto-fastboot.exe reboot and press enter
  7. At this point your phone will reboot. After it reboots completely, type the following on the same command prompt (if /preinstall/dosu does not work, try /preinstall/su):
    • Type adb shell and press enter
    • Type /preinstall/dosu and press enter
    • Type /bin/mount -o remount,rw /system and press enter
    • Type cp /preinstall/su /system/bin/ and press enter
    • Type chmod 6755 /system/bin/su and press enter
    • Type PATH=/system/bin:$PATH pm install /preinstall/Superuser.apk and press enter
  8. And reboot the phone, it should be rooted

*Please let us know how the process goes for you if you follow these steps. We want to hear from you.


  1. every time I enter “moto-fastboot.exe flash preinstall preinstall.img” in cmd it says waiting for device please help

  2. When I type adb shell in step 7.1, I get:
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    error: device not found

    Please help.

  3. SIR I FOLLOWED ALL THE STEPS AND AT THE END AFTER THE LAST STEP “Type PATH=/system/bin:$PATH pm install /preinstall/Superuser.apk and press enter” i m not getting anything more in the command promt its like waiting for too long i searched many sites but none is working for me and i even run the superuser by file manager and it is been installed but the busybox is showing that there is problem with the superuser……
    my cell version att is 4.5.145 does it make any differenc?
    anybody plz do help me

  4. I’m a total N00B (newbie) but these instructions worked perfectly for me. There was one little glitch in Step 7.1. when I typed “adb shell” and it said the “adb server is out of date. killing…” But, knowing nothing, I pressed forward with the instructions and it worked fine.

  5. hi there, does this method work on the Bell Atrix running 2.3.6? Or has anyone tried on their Bell Atrix? Please let me know, can’t find a way to root my phone all over the Internet. Thanks

  6. It worked, but after ROOT process was completed Android Recovery does not work anymore and Clockworkdmod is not working ither.

  7. finally!! thx a lot this is my first time using cmd xD hey u should do another guide on how to unlock it with any company and cyagenmod if u have any plz pm me leave me the guide in my and thx

  8. Hey so I’m stuck on ste 6, I typed “moto-fastboot flash preinstall preinstall.img” and now all it says is “Waitng for device” And by the way, my phone is on Starting Fastboot protocol support, and I have all the drivers installed. Thank you for any help!

  9. Work! I have Atrix 4G and was just update to 2.3.6 and lost the root. I have tried other site but did not work. Your instruction works great. Thanks

  10. I spent just only 1hr I got my phone rooted…only big confusion is raising when we reboot our phone and to bring it in fast boot mode…

    when I connected the USB cable and press volume down button while switching and the hold the volume up button continousouly while rebooting it shows “Starting RSD protocol” and then screen will be like that for long time. then I got my own idea to shutdown the by holding volume down button and the phone to shutdown completely. removed the USB cable allowed then I tried to boot the phone by holding volume up button after “fast boot” appears on the mobile screen then fast boot device drivers needs to the System got installed and then I followed remaining steps ….Now I got my phone rooted and then its working fine

  11. I’ve Atrix Classic and tried anything showing up from Google for my 2.3.6 but only yours works!! Thank you so much :)

    FYI: I rooted mine with Steve’s one click and had to unroot so I could upgrade to 2.3.6. I also had to use factory reset because my phone did not install the upgrade. Finally, after factory reset, I use Motorola USB application to upgrade to 2.3.6 buy my phone was unrooted. I was unable to root it again until I tired your methods… I had Superuser already installed… and I tried with “Type /preinstall/dosu and press enter”

  12. /preinstall/dosu didnt work for me so i did /preinstall/su and now its saying permisson denied SOMEONE PLEEEASE HELP

    • while rebooting the device remove the USB cable and the hold volume up button, it will show u the fast boot on mobile screen then press volume up once again, automatically it will start to search for fast boot driver and install and then proceed with further steps.

  13. Im stuck on step 7 2.Type /preinstall/dosu and press enter tried both but it says “/preinstall/su: not found” or “/preinstall/dosu: not found”.

  14. I followed all the steps but when i installed titanium backup it says that the phone is not rooted and couldn’t get Su privileges

  15. If you had root and superuser before, installing superuser again shouldn’t be necessary (Step 6).

    I was able to “re-root” using the steps above all the way up to Step 6. Step 6 generated a “Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS] message. I simply rebooted the phone at that point, launched titanium backup, and verified root access had been restored.

    Thanks for the instructions!

  16. Im stuck on step number 6, I don’t know what to do everytime i type the command in i got this stupid error thing. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

  17. I spent 8 hours researching this and trying things that didnt work. I tried this one, and I too got read only on 4 and 5 but saw someone else moved on to 6 so I did as well and Got SUCCESS, but its not rooted

  18. moto-fastboot.exe flash preinstall p

    fastboot-win32>moto-fastboot.exe flash preinstall pre
    g for device >
    ‘preinstall’ (30720 KB)… OKAY [ 2.962s]
    writing ‘preinstall’… FAILED (remote: (00180004))reinstall.img and press enter

    • Hey Chris,
      Instead of typing the file names (moto-fastboot.exe) try dragging them into your command prompt window. That worked for me.

  19. After rooting from the above instructions, can I now use my Motorola Atrix 4G Lapdock and use the Firefox browser without a tethering plan?

  20. first time rooting…got scared typing the commands..wasn’t sure if there were spaces in it right tho..”SUCCESS” as i pressed
    Enter the last time.!!! About to verify: At least it’s not bricked :D

  21. I recently did the update and it soft bricked my phone. i restored it and updated back to full and now its on this new p.o.s. firmwave.

    i followed your instructions and my phone hates me.
    everything was fine up to step 7. then when i went to do part2 it said couldnt find it. then tried the /su and it said super user denied it. tried it a couple more times and eventually it went thru. then i got to parts4/5 and it said they were read only files.

    i still went thru all the steps and the promt said it was succesfull. super user is on my phone but i did a root check (thru app) and it says my phone still isnt rooted


    • Like Justin I went through all the steps. I stuck on step 7, also encountered the “read only” problem. In my case it was win7 security default. I just moved to anorher PC with winXP and accomplished rooting.

      Many thanx for the method!

    • Hey man, try this: Download Astro File Manager from they market and navigate to /preinstall folder in your internal memory. Locate and click on superuser.apk. Install (unknown sources must be enabled) After install finishes open superuser and update binaries. Then go to market and download fastest version of superuser and update binaries. Download and run. A program for rooted devices. Your device should be rooted now.

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