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Atrix: Fix Failed To Boot 4 After Upgrading To 4.5.141 OTA

I recently upgraded my Motorola Atrix which is rooted and has an unlocked bootloader to the newest 4.5.141 firmware over the air only to be soft bricked. I got the message “Failed To Boot 4 Starting RSD Mode”. I was thinking hey, I have an awesome paper weight. After much research I now have my Atrix 4G phone successfully running Gingerbread 2.3.6 on the 4.5.141 firmware.

What I Did: flashed firmware 4.5.91 sbf to the phone and got the “Failed to boot 1″ message. Then I flashed the 4.5.141 sbf to the phone and it booted right up.

Disclaimer: DigitalTweaker is in no way responsible for any hardware or software issues encountered by using this. This method worked for us therefore we are sharing.

How To Flash 4.5.141 Firmware SBF To The Motorola Atrix


  • Download and Install RSD Lite 5.6
  • Download Motorola Atrix 4.5.141 SBF
  • Make sure device is fully charged
  • Be sure drivers are installed on your computer for your Atrix


  1. Turn off phone
  2. Remove SD card and SIM card to be safe
  3. Turn on phone
  4. Device should still show the “Failed To Boot 4 Starting RSD Mode” error
  5. Open RSD Lite that you just installed
  6. Press the “…” button next to “Filename” box
  7. Select the SBF file you just downloaded. It should be named “1FF-olympus-user-2.3.6-4.5.141-111212-release-keys-signed-ATT-US-GAS_NA_OLPSGBATTSPE_P012.sbf.gz”
  8. You will be asked to extract or cancel, hit extract (button on far left in popup)
  9. Plug in your Motorola Atrix
  10. RSD Lite should recognize the device and say “Connected”
  11. Press the “Start” button
  12. Wait until RSD Lite is 100% complete and the phone has completely rebooted and running
  13. You should now be on Gingerbread 2.3.6 with firmware 4.5.141 and ready to go!



  1. The process outlined works well, but for me RSALite 5.6 did not like the 1FF-olympus-user-2.3.6-4.5.141-111212-release-keys-signed-ATT-US-GAS_NA_OLPSGBATTSPE_P012.sbf.gz file. Instead I flashed 2.3.6-4.5.141 from another source. That worked fine, I was then able to take an OTA upgrade to 2.3.6-4.5.145.

  2. my mobo artix 4g not booting giving message on boot
    Failed to boot 3
    starting RSD mode
    I my self try my best all kind of flashing tricks including this way to, but my phone is not recognised by RSD lite by any how, so no flashing happen, also boot my phone “starting Fastboot protocol support” but still RSD lite not picking up my phone.
    My phone is now brick form, no way to “ON” it, Please help other ways if any one know. Thanks

  3. Hy i have the same problem, i try to flash 2.3.4 sbf, bat i have an error, and after that i have again failed to boot 4, what can i do? pls help me

  4. hi ..i tried to do the procedure and it failed..can someone helpp me ….my atrix is “unlocked” i did some mischief with it and now its stuck at the motorola logo screen…
    my current version i have on my phone is 2.3.4 gingerbread AT&T ….this version is not update-able OTA as it shows some triangle sign after failed update….hard reset helped me working it again …but i fiddled with the “advanced settings” in the ‘android recovery’ tab which got my phone stuck at the motorola logo screen

    i did the rsd lite method and it showed me an error ….saying “Failed flashing process – phone did not re-enumerate after RAM-downloader was sent”… the status was failed aneways….

    some one please help me…i tried to flash it to a 2.3.6….my current version is 2.3.4 (4.5.91) …is that the reason y it got failed??

    any help would be grateful …

  5. I have flashed android 2.3.6 sbf on to my atrix 4g.
    Got RSDLite msg as finished and passed, then started rebooting.
    But I was stuck at “Rethink Innovation” screen, it freezes here.

    Please help me out soon.

  6. Do I need to have a bricked Atrix to upgrade via this way?

    I have an Atrix on 2.3.4 / 4.5.91, Bootloader Unlocked and Rooted. I’m hesitant on upgrading to 4.5.141 is because of the soft brick. Can I just dive right in and upgrade instead of going via OTA first?

    • You can if you’d like, it will work although I would recommend trying the OTA first unless you know you have a non stock recovery then its a coin toss and doesn’t really matter.

  7. Hi, Could you please also post the procedure to unlock bootloader (after upgrade to 4.5.141). I have never unlocked my bootloader before

  8. Thanks so much. I had the same problem. My Atrix was rooted with an unlocked bootloader. I did the OTA update and got the same error message, “Failed to boot 4″ and “Starting RSD Mode.”

    I thought it was bricked. So I was extremely pleased to read your article. I followed the instructions step by step and the phone restored perfectly. It now indicates Android version 2.3.6 build 4.5.141.

    I noticed a couple of things…
    1) The phone no longer boots up with the “Unlocked” notice at the top of the screen and
    2) I no longer have root access.

    This is fine because it was both of those items that got me into trouble in the first place.

    Is the phone now back at factory specs? Are safe OTA updates possible now?

    Anyway, thanks again for the carefully spelled out instructions. They saved my phone.

  9. Hello, I tried the OTA and I received Failed To Boot 4, I installed the sbf ATT-2.3.4_Pudding_preroot and worked, I want to know if I install 1FF-olympus-user-2.3.6-4.5.141-111212-release-keys-signed-ATT-US-GAS_NA_OLPSGBATTSPE_P012.sbf I keep my files and all the programs installed on my atrix.

  10. I have this problem and tried quite flashing 2.3.4 and recently the 2.3.6 sbf on this post already and they all still end with “Failed to boot 4; Starting RSD Mode”.

    What I did to get here was try to update through the phone itself with bootloader unlocked. It ended with the Android “!” Error. After that I tried flashing back to 2.3.4, but failed. Since then I’ve been getting the “Failed to boot 4″ every time. Could use a bit of help.

  11. I don’t have the “failed to boot”, it’s an exclamation point and the little android guy, will this still work?

      • whatever the previous OTA that was released. I have the bootloader unlocked and it’s rooted. When this update downloaded, it begins to install and then the screen just has a white triangle with an orange exclamation point and the little android guy. If I hold down power and volume up while it’s booting, it says RSD protocol loading (or something similar). So I’m hoping that means it’s fixable.

        • Also, if I take the battery out and restart, it boots all the way up and even connects to the network but then boots back down to install. But I don’t really have enough time to get into settings to change anything.

  12. Dude, i didi all the steps of your tutorial, but when it was ending the rds lite showed as fail.

    Failed flashing process – phone did not re-enumerate after RAM-downloader was sent.

    so there is anything that i could do to fix it???

    • yes !! even i got the same error message after trying to flash my atrix 4g which was “unlocked” and soft bricked(stuck at motorola symbol screen).

      Can someone please help me get my phone working ??
      please ..any help would be greatful

  13. Dude. u made my day. Thanks a lot for posting this. It helped me recover my phone. Thank u thank u thank u……………………………..

      • digital tweaker..can u please help me out?… my phone is stuck at the “motorola symbol screen after rebooting”.

        my phone is unlocked….i tried the RSD lite procedure but it showed me this error message ….

        “Failed flashing process – phone did not re-enumerate after RAM-downloader was sent”

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