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7 iDevice Apps For Children With Special Needs

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There are a large number of apps developed for iPhones in this world. All the apps developed by Apple are not for the purpose of everyday usage. They are particularly designed to make the lives of people easier by providing them with some special facilities. These apps help the communication easier along with health and business management. Here is a list of a few iOS apps which fulfills the special needs of children.

ArtikPix iOS app for children1. ArtikPix

This application offers a great atmosphere for children to practice words and sounds at their home itself. This app is already loaded in the sets of ‘th’ sound flashcards. One can also purchase 21 decks of flash cards which deal with different sounds at a reasonable rate of 2.99 dollars each.

CBTReferee app for children2. CBTReferee

The full form of CBT is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This application is mainly for the children who suffer from some psychiatric disorders like anxiety issues and negative attitude and thoughts. But this app will be a little tough for the children who are not comfortable with writing skills. This app has a great role of writing as it gives the output of the incorrectness of one’s thought as you enter it in the system.

iBiomed app for special needs3. iBiomed

This is an application which is mainly created for the parents of special kinds of children. It is mainly an app which works on the parents’ sake that has special children. It helps in handling the complexities along with a lot of care and affection to their children. All sorts of health issues and special needs of the children are taken care of by this app.

iDress for Weather app for children4. iDress for weather

It is a multi-tasking application. It deals with two purposes. First one is that it deals with the weather forecast and secondly it provides the images of the suitable outfits according to the weather. One can customize this app by introducing their pictures of their child’s favorite dresses.

Off We Go apps for children5. Off we go!

Sometimes, children with special needs feel uncomfortable in unfancied positions. It is designed to help the children to make up their mind to face the unusual and terrifying experiences. It depicts the process by using a periodic guide. It is available for only five dollars. These books also give brief explanations on the approaching events that are easy to handle and are pleasurable to read.

Dance Party Zoo app for kids6. Dance party zoo

This application is a unique one. It makes the children practice the balancing skills along with rhythm and coordination by using a game format. This one becomes very interesting for small children as they all love having fun and playing games. The name of the game is “fun kids”.

First Then Visual Schedule app for autism and special needs7. First Then Visual Schedule

This app is mainly developed for those who are tired of leading a monotonous life. It is basically for those who suffer from autism and the people who follow a highly consistent routine. It helps those people to customize their routine in such a way so that they can reduce the amount of anxiety and frustration from their lives.
So, this is the list of apps which one can follow if one wants to choose the applications for their children with special needs. These are the apps which are considered as the best among all in the current market.


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